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Frank Hart is frontman for Atomic Opera, a singer, musician, songwriter, producer, and artist. Happily married to his high school sweetheart, Kim since 1984, working at being the world's greatest father since 2000, is Director of Music at CrossPoint in Katy, TX.

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When We Are Crushed by Family

It’s a simple concept to grasp: we grow stronger when we have to work at something. I have calluses on my fingertips because I am constantly mashing them against steel guitar strings. If I want strong arms I can make myself lift iron weights until my arms are in pain, let the muscles heal and …

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When Work Crushes Us

My favorite chapter in the entire Bible is Colossians chapter three. If you add the first six verses of chapter four I would be willing to say it contains pretty much everything we need to know to understand how to follow Jesus. It’s like the liquid diet meal replacement of Bible passages. If there was …

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The Story of Kemper Crabb With Rain

Kemper Crabb is one of the most influential people in my life. I had his StarSong records when I was a new believer in my teens, some of my early recordings made in my bedroom sound a lot like the ArkAngel album (and you will never hear them thank you very much). When Kim and …

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When We Pout and Feel Sorry For Ourselves

This is the final week in the book of Jonah. It has been an exploration of what surrendering to God looks like. Especially when we don’t want to, which is almost always. It would be cool if you went back and listened to the Podcasts of the first three weeks so we are all on …

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“The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached” Jonah 3

This is the third week of our Jonah teaching series. If you have missed any of the other weeks then I encourage you to listen to the podcast and get caught up. They include both Kemper’s part and my part. In fact, there have been about a thousand downloads of the NewChurch messages so far. …

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When We are Going Through a Hard Situation. (Jonah 2)

Gaining Perspective through dark times. We started this story last week so if you didn’t hear it, I’d recommend that you go back and listen to the podcast. To recap quickly though, Jonah was a prophet who didn’t want to do his job. He knew what God was telling him to do, and he said …

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How Does God Speak to Us? (Jonah 1)

Jonah Chapter One. You might want to read the text before you continue, also Kemper Crabb taught a 15-minute Bible study before this message. They kinda go together and you can find it HERE. Jonah was a prophet. His job was to hear the Word of the Lord and say it to the people, but …

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Does Everyone Know God?

Everyone knows God. Even smartie-pants teenage boys who walk around pretending to be atheists when they are fourteen-years-old. Growing up in the 70s, I had only seen the church from the outside of the stained glass windows. I thought all the people inside were victims of group hypnosis, an elaborate prank they had played on …

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Water is Thicker Than Blood | NewChurch 4-18-15

There are a  lot of things Christians say that make me roll my eyes, a lot of painful plastic phrases that just sound phoney. We’re so quick to say things like, “I’ll pray for you, brother!” “Bless you sis!” Lord, if you’ll just put a “Hedge of protection” around us! “Invite Jesus into your heart” …

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Frank NEWS

Last Update September 30, 2015   Headlines Without Articles Over the last couple of months some really big and exciting things have happened at NewChurch, here are some headlines: Anonymous Donation of $200,000 generated $233,000 in a MatchMyGift campaign. NewChurch Worships at No Label with Free Beer and The Blues. NewChurch Moves into Phase Two—Building …

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