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NewChurch Messages

Messages from NewChurch Saturday Nights. Thoughts on how Jesus turns everything we think we know on its head. Worry. Anger. Worship. Raising kids. Miracles. Marriage. Friendship. Hope. Death. Family. The Future. Decisions. Happiness. Charity. Obsession. Sex. Possessions. Freedom.

Frank Thoughts on WORSHIP

Click HERE for Frank’s latest blogs on Worship. Practical tips on how to lead a worship arts ministry. Theological and philosophical explorations. Encouragement for church workers and ministers.

Musician | Artist | Worshiper

Musician | Artist | Worshiper Frank is the front-man for Atomic Opera, a solo artist, worship leader for CrossPoint Church, creative director, public speaker and record producer. He is currently writing his first book, “Search for the Remarkable” which will be published by V.I.P. INK Publishing. He is also a happy husband and father. This …

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A brief description of my albums and where to find them.   LIVING CREATURES PROJECT Modern Worship. Classic Rock. This is an album of twelve songs that were inspired by working on the frontline of the Great Commission. They are MANLY worship songs that will appeal to both men who follow Jesus and the women who love them. …

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