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Demystifying Worship Pt 1

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Listen Here It’s one thing to know something intellectually but it’s a very different thing to know it by experiencing it. Like, you might know you are afraid of heights but you know it in a very different way if you find yourself standing on the edge of a tall building peeking over the edge …

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Demystifying Communion (Em why ess tea Eee are why)

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Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion —It’s called a lot of different names, all of them pointing to different aspects that are important to consider. It’s referred to as a sacrament. The word “sacrament” means “mystery” but it refers to a mystery that’s both physical and spiritual. A “sacrament” is understood to be an outward and visible …

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Demystifying Prayer

People say they believe in the power of prayer, they ask for prayer when they are facing tough situations. I hear people all the time saying “Our prayers are with you,” “Our thoughts are with you,” “I could definitely use some prayer. Please pray for this or pray for that. You would think people are …

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When We Have A Crushed Spirit

Sometimes we are sad for no good reason or depressed and can’t logic our way out of it. Elijah is one of the coolest guys in the Bible who just happened to be a bit of a melancholy. He is one of the most important people who ever lived but most of us don’t know …

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Jesus Got Hangry and Killed a Tree

I like the strange stories in the Bible, the ones that don’t seem to make sense when you first look at them. For example, God tells Moses to go to Egypt and talk to Pharaoh but on the way his wife has to perform an impromptu circumcision on their son in the middle of the …

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When We Are Crushed by Family

It’s a simple concept to grasp: we grow stronger when we have to work at something. I have calluses on my fingertips because I am constantly mashing them against steel guitar strings. If I want strong arms I can make myself lift iron weights until my arms are in pain, let the muscles heal and …

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When Work Crushes Us

My favorite chapter in the entire Bible is Colossians chapter three. If you add the first six verses of chapter four I would be willing to say it contains pretty much everything we need to know to understand how to follow Jesus. It’s like the liquid diet meal replacement of Bible passages. If there was …

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The Story of Kemper Crabb With Rain

Kemper Crabb is one of the most influential people in my life. I had his StarSong records when I was a new believer in my teens, some of my early recordings made in my bedroom sound a lot like the ArkAngel album (and you will never hear them thank you very much). When Kim and …

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When We Pout and Feel Sorry For Ourselves

This is the final week in the book of Jonah. It has been an exploration of what surrendering to God looks like. Especially when we don’t want to, which is almost always. It would be cool if you went back and listened to the Podcasts of the first three weeks so we are all on …

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“The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached” Jonah 3

This is the third week of our Jonah teaching series. If you have missed any of the other weeks then I encourage you to listen to the podcast and get caught up. They include both Kemper’s part and my part. In fact, there have been about a thousand downloads of the NewChurch messages so far. …

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