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Atomic Opera For Madmen Only 20 Years Later Concert

Thadd Grimm was Atomic Opera’s tour manager on the Dio “Strange Highways” tour. This is his review of the Atomic Opera 20 Years Later Reunion Concert. It was forwarded in a text. A friend asked how the show was last night so I thought a bit and told him. Yeah it was really good.  It …

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Help Atomic Opera Re-Release For Madmen Only

Twenty years ago Atomic Opera released For Madmen Only into the world but it went into hiding, we want to re-release it. Help us bring back the groove. Pledges will go to the following: 1. Re-Release For Madmen Only 2. Donation to Restore International (Bob Goff’s “Stop Human Trafficking” Organization) 3. Paying for your CD …

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17 Hours in a Car with “Human Liturgy” (Album Review)

by Pastor James Sharp I was a fan of Frank Hart’s band Atomic Opera when I was in college and picked up For Madmen Only when it came out. I enjoyed their sound and Christian worldview. I met Frank, had that “wait a minute, I know that band” moment, and now have become friends. I …

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Atomic Opera acoustic Radio Performance

I ‘m going through video tapes of Atomic Opera as I am writing my first book “Search For The Remarkable.” In part, the book will tell the story of forming, recording and touring with the band. In 1994 we were touring the U.S. as the opening act for Dio. Occasionally, we would pick up shows on …

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4. Recording Living Creatures Project – Pt 1

The One in Which I Speak of Remembering a Fantasy and Searching for a Sound. The best experience I have ever had recording an album was the first Atomic Opera album “For Madmen Only.” We spent months in preproduction going to our rehearsal room at 9am and working on songs until 5pm. The rehearsal room …

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REVIEW: The Living Creatures Project

Review of The Living Creatures Project: By Ella Granger Hearrean Frank Hart turns listeners into believers with his album, The Living Creatures Project. Hart, the lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist of the rock band Atomic Opera, penned this long-awaited release as the worship leader at CrossPoint Community Church in Katy, Texas. He delivers the same …

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NEW MUSIC – The Living Creatures Project

THE LIVING CREATURES PROJECT Sample Track: Christ Before Me Modern Worship. Classic Rock. This is an album of twelve songs that were inspired by working on the frontline of the Great Commission. They are MANLY worship songs that will appeal to both men who follow Jesus and the women who love them. Musically, this is …

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3. Living Creatures SongSmithing

The one in which I recall noble tales of brilliant people helping refine songs. If you look at the credits on the Living Creatures Project you will find “all words and music by Frank Hart.” This might lead you believe I created all the lyrics and musical arrangements by myself in a hermetically sealed vacuum. …

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Starts with Frank. Ends with Hart. Frank Hart is a recording artist, songwriter, blogger, worship leader, creative director, speaker, husband, father, and Christian. He is the frontman for Atomic Opera, Worship and Creative Director for CrossPoint Church, has released several albums and is soon to publish his first book, “Search For The Remarkable.” Sometimes I …

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2. Living Creatures Name and Musical Direction

The one in which we tell about the name and musical direction of Living Creatures. I have been a “professional worship leader” at CrossPoint for the past ten years, but I have been leading music in church since I was fourteen years old. This year marks thirty-six years of music ministry. Even when I was …

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