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Raw Slice of Book #3 “Finding A Church in Houston”

Kim and I had visited a few churches since moving to Houston, but although most of them were fine—they just served to make me angry. My gag reflex for whatever looked like fake, saccharine sweet church-ianity had become so sensitive that I could hardly even walk into one on a Sunday morning. We still wanted …

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Raw Slice of Book #2 “RainDog and DemonPup”

RainDog, our big black chow got pregnant. We had bought her in Missouri just after we moved into our second trailer home. Chows are very protective dogs, so she helped us feel a little more safe living in a sketchy neighborhood of the big city—especially the times when Kim was alone. RainDog was a fantastic pet, …

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Raw Slice of Book #1 – Hello Texas!

It was late December so Kim and I went to Illinois for Christmas, and tried explaining to our family why it was a good idea to move to the wild, wild west to be rock stars. Jobs? No, we didn’t have jobs lined up. Money? No, we didn’t have any savings. Where will we live? …

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MUSIC VIDEO “Christ Before Me”

Tired of wussified worship music? Check out this manly anthem of Christ centered devotion: From the album “The Living Creatures Project.” Buy it here: iTunes – CDBaby – Amazon – Google Play

Worship Out Loud!

HONEST (slightly exaggerated) QUESTIONS: Are you tired of worship music being so girlie? So gentle? Have you ever wished for great music with theological depth and interesting lyrics? Wouldn’t you like to find a new album that sounds better the louder you crank it up? Sometimes music shouldn’t just stay in the background. The Living Creatures Project is …

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6. Recording Living Creatures Project – Pt 3

The one in which we speak of Guitar, Bass, and Lead Vocals. The solid foundation of a great drum track is important because there has to be something on which to build everything else. It’s what gets built on top that either makes or destroys the project, though. The guitars, keys and especially the vocal …

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MUSIC VIDEO – Jesus Give Us Love

JESUS GIVE US LOVE (Music Video) From the album “The Living Creatures Project.” Buy it here: iTunes – CDBaby – Amazon – Google Play

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5. Recording Living Creatures Project – Pt 2

The One in Which I Tell Tales of Hiding Songs in Dark Places and Recording Drum Tracks. The other day my son, Angel told me he wrote a song and asked me if I wanted to hear it. I said I would love to hear it, but first I want you to write four more …

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4. Recording Living Creatures Project – Pt 1

The One in Which I Speak of Remembering a Fantasy and Searching for a Sound. The best experience I have ever had recording an album was the first Atomic Opera album “For Madmen Only.” We spent months in preproduction going to our rehearsal room at 9am and working on songs until 5pm. The rehearsal room …

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REVIEW: The Living Creatures Project

Review of The Living Creatures Project: By Ella Granger Hearrean Frank Hart turns listeners into believers with his album, The Living Creatures Project. Hart, the lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist of the rock band Atomic Opera, penned this long-awaited release as the worship leader at CrossPoint Community Church in Katy, Texas. He delivers the same …

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