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Fantastical Amazingly Jesus Christmas Concerts

Join Frank Hart & Living Creatures Westminster UMC December 11, 9am (FREE admission) 5801 San Felipe St, Houston, TX 77057 Map NewChurch December 17, 6pm (FREE admission, FREE childcare, FREE potluck after party) 610 Katy Fort Bend Rd #220, Katy, TX 77494 Map

When Work Crushes Us

My favorite chapter in the entire Bible is Colossians chapter three. If you add the first six verses of chapter four I would be willing to say it contains pretty much everything we need to know to understand how to follow Jesus. It’s like the liquid diet meal replacement of Bible passages. If there was …

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When We Pout and Feel Sorry For Ourselves

This is the final week in the book of Jonah. It has been an exploration of what surrendering to God looks like. Especially when we don’t want to, which is almost always. It would be cool if you went back and listened to the Podcasts of the first three weeks so we are all on …

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How Does God Speak to Us? (Jonah 1)

Jonah Chapter One. You might want to read the text before you continue, also Kemper Crabb taught a 15-minute Bible study before this message. They kinda go together and you can find it HERE. Jonah was a prophet. His job was to hear the Word of the Lord and say it to the people, but …

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Water is Thicker Than Blood | NewChurch 4-18-15

There are a  lot of things Christians say that make me roll my eyes, a lot of painful plastic phrases that just sound phoney. We’re so quick to say things like, “I’ll pray for you, brother!” “Bless you sis!” Lord, if you’ll just put a “Hedge of protection” around us! “Invite Jesus into your heart” …

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Frank NEWS

Last Update September 30, 2015   Headlines Without Articles Over the last couple of months some really big and exciting things have happened at NewChurch, here are some headlines: Anonymous Donation of $200,000 generated $233,000 in a MatchMyGift campaign. NewChurch Worships at No Label with Free Beer and The Blues. NewChurch Moves into Phase Two—Building …

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NewChurch Messages

Messages from NewChurch Saturday Nights. Thoughts on how Jesus turns everything we think we know on its head. Worry. Anger. Worship. Raising kids. Miracles. Marriage. Friendship. Hope. Death. Family. The Future. Decisions. Happiness. Charity. Obsession. Sex. Possessions. Freedom.

A Million Ways to do Church Wrong

A Million Ways to Do Church Wrong | MSG 4-12-15 If we were to start a new church, if we could clear the slate and start fresh, if we could open God’s Word and let it speak to us, what would that church be like? In our imaginations, what do we picture when we think …

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WORRY | NewChurch 3-21-15

WORRY | NewChurch 3-21-15 We’ve been looking at the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus addresses His followers and gives them a complete overhaul of the way we are to look at the world going forward. He turns conventional wisdom, and the things that everybody thinks they know, upside down. This is Jesus giving us …

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