Human Liturgy

Human-Liturgy-cover3Somewhere between prayer and dreaming.

The music on this album was recorded in Houston, Texas, but I wanted it to sound like it could have been from anywhere east of the sunrise or west of the sunset. I know, that was a little too poetic, but I really don’t think this record fits neatly into a geographical category.

The main instrument is acoustic guitar and my best version of soulful, raspy vocals. The rest of the album’s instrumentation, however, is eclectic, ranging from the exotic sounds of sitar, doumbek, and udu to the more folksy sounds of hammered dulcimer, mandolin, and piano, as well as fretless bass, drumset, violin, viola, and cello. I think there is an otherworldly feel to this record somewhere between prayer and dreaming. I was aiming for beautiful music that aches.

I’m also the leader of the art-rock band Atomic Opera which has recorded for Warner Brothers, Giant records and Metal Blade. My band-mates from Atomic Opera are all on board for this project, Kemper Crabb playing mandolin, recorder, mountain dulcimer and singing harmonies, Johnny Simmons playing various percussion and full drumset, Trip Wamsley adding his fretless bass be-wonderment throughout, and Ryan Birsinger bringing his studio craftsmanship to mixing and recording.

My good friends Mandy and Maggie from December’s End are also featured prominently throughout the record providing strings and harmonies that I believe might lift the listener into the heavens.

The idea for this record was years in the making. Over a period of about fifteen years there was a pretty good stockpile of songs that didn’t really fit Atomic Opera, but were loved by friends and family. These songs were performed in my solo acoustic shows and were well received. The dream of making a record so these songs would have a home was a long time in the making.

Once the recording process began in my home studio it would be five years before it was done. There was a lot of drama. Children were born, house and studio flooded and had to be rebuilt, and I started working full time as the music director at a church.

Finally, in 2005 the album was finished and set free into the universe.


So, there’s no big marketing machine working day and night to make sure that anyone knows about this music. It just sits quietly on the internet waiting for people like you to stumble upon it. Patient as an arrow.

I’m confident that if you have found it, and you will invite it into your life, you will not regret it.

Frank Hart

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