The Story of Kemper Crabb With Rain

NewChurch-Podcast-Art2Kemper Crabb is one of the most influential people in my life. I had his StarSong records when I was a new believer in my teens, some of my early recordings made in my bedroom sound a lot like the ArkAngel album (and you will never hear them thank you very much). When Kim and I moved to Texas in 1987, I was introduced to him at a King’s X concert. Soon after that he began showing up at my Love in Grey shows and it wasn’t long before we were attending his church and began a lifelong friendship.

I started playing cello in his band Mysterium, he started playing various instruments in Atomic Opera V2.0. Recently he was one of the people who recommended I consider starting a new church in the Katy area, a few conversations later he wanted to join me in the new ministry. Each week Kemper helps me minister to our little church that meets at The Lab on Saturday nights.

Kemper_posterLast week I asked him to tell his story, his testimony. I said, “Tell us the story of Kemper and how it points to Jesus.”

Here is a recording of that story which is accompanied by a deluge of rain that nearly drowned it.