JOYRIDE: A Beginning In Every End is excited to announce Frank’s book, JOYRIDE, is now available for order! Stay tuned for upcoming book signings and events. Order Book Here!


I have some big news.

I spent three years writing a book and it’s available for order!

Here is a blurb to entice you to read the book:

There are a lot of reasons why you might read a book. Maybe you want to be entertained, maybe you want to be inspired, maybe you want to peek into the secret closets and junk drawers of an almost famous, almost rockstar’s psychology. This is the story of a Midwestern son of a coal miner who couldn’t decide between a pulpit and an electric guitar. At a young age, he saw God while looking up at the stars in his backyard and never looked back. Years later, his band, Atomic Opera, tasted success after signing with a major record label, poised to become the next great rock band. What is a person supposed to do when it all slips away? Frank gives us a glimpse into his triumphs and struggles, in music and in his personal life, and how he never lost hope.

Joyride is a candid look at a man following his talents and the call of God through the many roles he’s been given: Rock Star, Husband, Father, Artist, Worship Leader, Teacher, and Pastor.

Frank Hart is the frontman for Atomic Opera, a hard rock band from Texas, part of the “Houston Sound” created by Wilde Silas Musicworks (King’s X, Galactic Cowboys). The band was signed to Warner Brothers Records, released four albums and toured with Dio. Frank is now a worship leader and preacher at NewChurch in Katy, Texas. He has released two solo albums and continues to rewrite the ending of his story.

“I’ll tell you about how I saw God in my backyard while looking up at the stars and I’ll tell you about how He saw me before I saw him. I’ll tell you about coming so close to my wildest dreams that I could have licked the frosting with my tongue. JOYRIDE was supposed to be the song that put my band, Atomic Opera, on the map. What? You have never heard of JOYRIDE? Exactly. You know the difference between a happy ending and a tragedy? It’s all where you stop telling the story.” —Frank Hart