What is Not a Worship Band?

For God is the King of all the earth;
Sing praises with understanding.
Psalm 47:6-8

Our Church Band Rules!
Here is some basic info about what it means
to be in the Band at CrossPoint.

The Idea
The purpose of the band is to help the congregation participate in worship. It is also to provide a high quality attractional feature that bridges the gap between church and culture. The music is to speak the cultural language of the people that God brings into our church on a Sunday morning. We are doing two big things, facilitating sacred worship and incarnating into the world that we live in.

Not The Idea
We are not trying to have a “churchy” praise band. We are not trying to be “worshipy” Christian hipsters. We are also not trying to be a super-cool band of rock stars.

Band Leadership
The leader of the band is the Director of Music.  Their job is to be in the band, communicate specific musical direction, and answer any musical questions.  They will choose songs, schedule and audition musicians, prepare charts and MP3s and run a punctual and timely rehearsal.

The band is encouraged to not only play music together, but to get to know each other and become part of each other’s lives. This is a community.

Band on Stage
The band members should employ a level of professionalism when on stage and leading the worship experience. Attitudes should be proper to the event and music being played. No one should look bored, scared, apathetic, angry, etc. Worship demands that we are joyful, engaged, earnest, authentic and honest.

Authentic vs. Relevant
We play the instruments and the style of music because it is who we are. It is who we are as musicians and it is who we are as a congregation. It is also who we are as a people, a culture, a community. We are not trying to be something that we are not. We play the music this way because we like it this way, it is an authentic expressin of who we are. We are not trying to be relevant. We believe that Jesus is more than relevant enough without our help. We believe that if we are authentic then that will come across as honest and relevant to the people that God wants us to speak to.

The band is required to be at the scheduled rehearsal (usually 7pm Thursday) and the call time on Sunday morning (usually 8am .)  This gives us the chance to play through the set and become confident with the music.  It is expected that all band members show up to Thursday’s rehearsal prepared to play the song as recorded, but with the flexibility to change the arrangement as deemed necessary. Many times the recording is only a starting point.

This means the band members should make sure they have listened to the MP3s of the songs at least three or four times, playing along on their instrument, finding parts, programming sounds, and making their personal notes.  Before you show up on Thursday.

Music is typically online by Friday a week in advance.

The band plays each week, the band members are scheduled according to a monthly rotation.  Requests to play more often or less often can be made, as well as blocking out certain dates for personal time off or travel.

The band does not coordinate what we will wear, but certain standards are expected. Please, no sleeveless shirts, polo shirts, T-Shirts with teams, brands and logos.  Please do not wear any perfume or strong body wash products when playing in the band. Please do not wear shorts, or hats.  Also, please make sure that your deodorant is working.  (I know it seems like this should go without saying … But, you’d be surprised.)

The big idea is that we want to look appropriate for what we are doing. We are not golfing or working at a bank. We are playing in a rock band in church. Walk the line of tension between wearing something you would usually wear and feel comfortable in and something your favorite middle-aged rock star would wear. (When in doubt asked Jason Koch, he’s our fashionista)

The band is made up of both men and women.  Senior High students are encouraged to participate, but everyone is expected to be prepared, on time, and act like an adult.
Band members will be required to have an audition.
Band members will need to register on Planning Center Online and respond within 24 hours to any and all requests. (Accept or Decline)
Everyone is expected to treat each other with kindness and respect.
One of the most important ways to respect each other is to show up on time. Prepared.

In all of these ways, we believe we have set the bar high.  We consider it an extreme honor to be able to lead God’s people and worship through music.  Thank you for joining us on this important mission.

Play skillfully and with a loud noise.
Psalm 33:3

So, these are our basic guidelines for band members. What are yours?