Starts with Frank. Ends with Hart.


Starts with Frank. Ends with Hart.
Frank Hart is my Biblical name.
I can come off as blunt, but I don’t mean to hurt you.

This is my place to write about things.
This is my corner of the internet.

You might find some things that offend.
You might find some things that encourage.

I view the world through my
bent and twisted presuppositions.

(so do you)

Sometimes I think I know things, but even then, I know better. I believe in absolutes, but I don’t believe in my ability to see them clearly. I believe that art is the human expression of Truth as we understand it. I think that It is in our personal distortions of absolute Truth that the interesting shapes of art occur. We tell stories, and the way we bend reality is what makes it interesting. We express our emotions through music, and the inexact randomness of the expression makes it translate to many other emotions.

We are all like watercolor paintings of the reality that we are trying grasp. We are all the center of the universe. We are all unique precious snowflakes melting in God’s imagination. We see through a glass darkly, but someday we will see face to face. We will be known even as we are known.

Check out some articles. Look around a little. I’m not always this abstract.


Frank Hart