Frank Hart’s First Book Publishing Deal!

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One day a guy calls me on the phone saying he wants me to write a book telling my story. I listen politely, waiting for him to get to the sales pitch. The part where he tells me how much it is going to cost to publish my book, so I could tell him, “No thanks.” But, he never got to a sales pitch.

It appears that the guy is the real deal. He represents a publishing company that is interested in telling the stories of Christians who have had success in the public arena. They are offering book deals to professional athletes in baseball and football, also MMA fighters and boxers. He contacted me because he wanted to try something different and was looking to sign a musician. It turns out that the guy is a fan of Atomic Opera and knew a little about my story. He said he is interested in helping me write the book and then publishing it. He is hoping it will be an inspirational story.

I have always been interested in writing. I planned on beginning work on my first book around age fifty (I figured I should have something to say and maybe some experience to back it up by then). I never imagined writing an autobiography, though. I would probably have never considered it if this hadn’t come along. But, heck yeah! Why not?! And fifty isn’t very far away.

So, I have begun making notes. I’m collecting the stories that I want to tell. Childhood, parents, brothers, first guitar, early bands, pain, dumb stuff, Jesus interrupting it all. The first thing I realized is that it is really hard to tell my story without including other people in it. And, once I start including other people, it is going to be really difficult to tell certain stories without putting some of them in a “less than flattering” light. I don’t want to say bad things about people. I don’t want to hurt anyone, no matter what they have done to me.

This is not going to be easy.

Click HERE to read some (raw) samples.

Here is the official press release:

Frank Hart of Atomic Opera Signs Global Book Deal

Posted on February 07, 2013 at 14:06 PM EST

( February 7, 2013 — VIP Ink Publishing, L.L.C. signs Frank Hart of Atomic Opera for an autobiography. Frank Hart is the lead singer, lead guitarist and founding visionary of the rock band Atomic Opera. As part of the “Houston Sound”, along with his friends who made up the bands King’s X and Galactic Cowboys, Hart released four albums with Atomic Opera; For Madmen Only (Warner Brothers/Collision Arts/Giant Records), Penguin Dust and Alpha & Oranges (FeverDream Records), and Gospel Cola (Metal Blade Records). The band toured with Dio, King’s X, and played at many music festivals, theaters and other concert venues throughout the United States and Japan. Hart forged his own path with dark arrangements, poetic lyrics, varied instrumentation, and a deeply spiritual message.

Unlike some of his contemporaries, Hart did not hide his faith, but was insistent about avoiding the stereotypes of “Christian Rock,” because many of these songs challenged weak-minded Christianity and the relationship between God and man. Atomic Opera was often “too sacred” for some and “too secular” for others, a tension that Hart enjoyed. The first single, “Justice” was the number one most added radio track in hard rock radio for six consecutive weeks and the music video was played in rotation on MTV. Hart has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine and was voted “Houston’s best guitarist who never plays live” by the Houston Press. In 2005, Hart released a solo album called “Human Liturgy” to enthusiastic critical acclaim. For the past eight years, he has worked at CrossPoint Community Church where he is the creative director and worship leader. He is currently finishing his second solo album “The Living Creatures Project” , and planning a new Atomic Opera album in 2014 with members from the original lineup as well as the current band (2014 is the 20th anniversary of “For Madmen Only”).

Hart’s autobiography will cover his life growing up in hopeless poverty as the step-son of a coal miner in Central Illinois, finding faith and music, and the crooked and twisted road he took to follow his dreams. This book will provide the reader with a glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of an artist living out his faith and never losing hope. Hart says that his music is the space between prayer and dreaming; and once you visit there, the world will never look quite the same.

VIP Ink Publishing, L.L.C.
David Dee