A brief description of my albums and where to find them.



Modern Worship. Classic Rock. This is an album of twelve songs that were inspired by working on the frontline of the Great Commission. They are MANLY worship songs that will appeal to both men who follow Jesus and the women who love them. Musically, this is not a jing-jangely, strum-dumily, business as usual worship album; it takes its direction from the classic pioneers of rock music. Frank is the frontman for the hard rock band Atomic Opera, he is also the music director at CrossPoint Church; this music is what happens when those two worlds collide. Ancient truth. Modern Sound. WORSHIP OUT LOUD.

Fans of classic rock and followers of Jesus will want to check this out.
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of The Living Creatures Project.

These are a bunch of songs that didn’t fit on an Atomic Opera album, but were favorites of friends and family. They were also well received when I would play solo shows. The songs were a little more acoustic and personal. I started imagining these songs compiled as an autobiographical album, and Human Liturgy was born. This music sounds like it could be from anywhere. Although the music was written and recorded in Texas it sounds like it could be from anywhere east of the sunrise or west of the sunset. The record is driven by beautiful acoustic guitar. A lot of the instrumentation is eclectic and fun, ranging from the exotic sounds of sitar, doumbek, and udu to the more folksy sounds of hammered dulcimer, mandolin, and piano. I had a lot of friends make appearances on this record. Kemper Crabb played many instruments and sang harmony. Trip Wamsley adds his fretless bass be-wonderment throughout. Johnny Simmons plays various percussion and full drumset. Mandy Campbell and Maggie Raveneau of December’s End add violin, viola, and cello to really make the songs soar. There is an otherworldly feel to this record somewhere between prayer and dreaming.

Fans of all beautiful music that aches will not want to miss this album.
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Being XPmas

I love Christmas music and I always wanted to record my favorite Christmas songs. This is an album that is inspired by my love of acoustic music and my years of playing cello with Kemper Crabb. It is the way I have always wanted to hear these songs. Simple, singable, mostly upbeat with a bit of otherworldly beauty thrown in. This is a true solo album. I sang all the vocal parts, and played all the instruments. I used the instruments that were laying around the house: acoustic guitar, cello, doumbek, udu, sitar and other various oddities. I think you’ll like it.

Fans of beautiful, simple Christmas music need this album.
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Penguin Dust

The first independent Atomic Opera album and follow up to the critically acclaimed Warner Brothers/Giant Records 1994 release, “For Madmen Only.” It was recorded at my house in Houston, TX. These are songs that Jonathan Marshall, Jonas Velasco and Mark Poindexter helped me work on before they left the band. Kemper Crabb makes his first Atomic appearances on this record. I also had a little help from Todd Bragg and Garett Buell of Caedmon’s Call. This is thought provoking music that really wants to be turned up loud.

Fans of intelligent heavy music, grooves,
melody and harmony will dig it.
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Alpha & Oranges

When we recorded “For Madmen Only”  we had a bunch of extra songs. We had recorded several demos as well as songs that didn’t fit on the album. These are those tracks. This CD is a collection of studio outtakes that lead up to the release of “For Madmen Only” which was released in 1994 on Warner Brothers/Giant Records. The ten tracks were all produced by Sam Taylor and recorded by Steve Ames in Houston, Texas studios between 1990-1993. Some of them were recorded at night when King’s X was using the studio during the day on the same gear.

Fans of For Madmen Only and early King’s X will love this.
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Gospel Cola

Atomic Opera did one album for Metal Blade Records. Gospel Cola includes myself, Kemper Crabb, Johnny Simmons and Ryan Birsinger (known affectionately as Atomic Opera V 2.0). This is a very deep album, both musically and lyrically. Heavy, dark and delicious with a nice carbonated bite.

Fans of thought provoking music should give it a taste test.
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For Madmen Only

This is the first Atomic Opera album. It was released in 1994 by Giant/Warner Bros. Records. I’m very proud of this record and it still sounds great all these years later. It is currently out of print, but I plan on re-releasing it in 2014 as a twenty year celebration. Stay tuned!