Hart Family Letter 2013


Merry XPmas and Happy New Year from the Harts!

“Christmas is the monster that lurks beneath the plastic tree in our living room waiting to consume us. It marks another year, fills us our schedule and does its best to empty our bank account. Christmas is a synchronized improvisational dance that reminds us of where we came from while showing us a reflection of where we are going; if we look deep enough. May this Christmas be filled with the memories of a bright and hopeful future.”
from Poems of Stinky Christmas Cheese by A. Feaux Authour

Angel, Von, Frank, Kim. Visit From Jeff in February. Visit from Jeff, Julie, Bella, Petra and Silas in July. Bob Goff Love Does Conference and Book. Black Walnut Cafe. Thanksgiving Break in Sugarland; Bombay Pizza Co., Jus’ Mac, SHIVA, Crown Plaza Swimming.

Each of us will now give you the headlines from 2013 to let you know what we have been doing and tell you of our most remarkable things.

KIM HART 49 High School Teacher Aldine I.S.D. WORK; Big Challenges At School; New Principal, Evaluation System, Alt Block Scheduling, New Curriculum, Four Daily Preps, Received Excellent Evaluation. TRIPS; Family Vacation in New Braunfels; Schlitterbahn, Landa Park, Phoenix Saloon. Mentoring Jr High at Youth Group. Sugar & Spice Conversation with Von Behr with Shopping and Bonding. BOOKS; Love Does, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Helping with Franki’s Book; Reliving the Memories. SUMMER; Sending Kids to Camps. Unrushed Summer House Projects.


FRANK HART 49 Music & Creative Director CrossPoint Church, Katy PROJECTS; Finished New Album; Living Creatures Project. Book Publishing Deal with V.I.P. Ink for Autobiography Tentatively Titled “Search For The Remarkable by Frank Hart; Reliving My Life Through Writing, Giving 7 Messages at CrossPoint this Year. FHBB. New York to Visit Matt in March. TOYS; Black Variax JTV59, iPhone 5s, FrankMas Zombie Frank Celebration. FOOD; Curried Cauliflower and Tomato Basil Soup. FAMILY;29 Anniversaries. Von’s Balloon Animals. Passport to Purity Conversation With Father and Son Bonding Time. TV; Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Homeland, House of Cards. BOOKS; Born Standing Up, Bossypants, Dad is Fat, Through Painted Deserts, Love Does, Searching For God Knows What, Space Trilogy, Speaking of Jesus,Nine Things, Necessary Endings. The beard is longer and greyer.

VON BEHR HART 13 6th Grade Epiphany Jr High Cooper is at Epiphany Lutheran School. Skating Birthday Party & Sleepover; Monster High Lightning Lamp, Guitar Amp, Magnifying Lamp from Grandpa, Looking Forward to Spending Own Money for Christmas Gifts, CYT Camp, Basketball Camp, Camp Lonestar, Playing Basketball at ELS; Playing Against Westlake Prep. TV; Arrow, Grimm, Teen Wolf, VP Diaries, Catching Fire, Breaking Dawn II, The Dark World, One Piece. Colorful Glove/Mittens. PROJECTS; Clay Figures, Drawing Trees, Illustration Included inIMG_1535 2011 ELS Yearbook, Guitar Lessons. THINGS; New Black Coat, Bumping into Cooper at Schlitterbahn, Beginning Middleschool. Catching Fish at Landa Park. Meeting Bob Goff; Reading Signed Copy of Love Does. Jim Gaffigan Mr Universe Special, FAMILY; Dad Reading His Book to Me As There are New Chapters, Closer Relationship with Angel, Staying at a Hotel for Thanksgiving Break; Food was Delicious but Still Doesn’t Like Turkey.

ANGEL HART 11 5th Grade Epiphany School VIDEO GAMES; Minecraft, Lego Marvel Heroes, Call of Duty, Clash of Clans. MUSIC; Drum Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Started Playing Flute in Band, BIRTHDAY; Shelf and Desk by Grandpa and Dad, Electric Guitar and Amp, KA Action Figures, Sleepover and Swimming Party. New Bed. Bought Dad’s iPad. Starting Going to Youth Group. TV: Bracket in Living Room, Once Upon a Time, Arrow, Superhero Cartoons. IMG_1299Camp Lonestar. Landa Park Rope Swing and Water Slide. Two Schlitterbahn Trips.

NEWS Frank’s parents Bob and Barbara Hart are still living with us in Texas. Dad is doing well; working at the church helping out with facilities and sports, he also keeps busy at home taking care of Mom. Mom continues to try and recover from her two hip surgeries and back surgery. They lost a good friend this year when Al Zeigler passed, but they still get together with Bill and the two Carols for cards and movies each week. Their dogs Misty and Willow continue to celebrate the squirrels in the trees outside the window. Our dog, Zack and our cat, Number Nine wrestle hilariously for dominance all over the house. Tigerlilly the Rat survived her sister Tinkerbell, who was buried in our backyard pet cemetery.

LAST WORDS We started sending these Christmas cards in ‘88 which was our first full year in Texas. This was long before Facebook made it so easy to keep up with distant friends. The cards were a way to keep in touch withIMG_3132 our friends and family who continue to disperse throughout the world. I started following Jesus when I was fourteen years old. I didn’t know where He was going to lead me; I trusted it would be someplace good. This year I pray you would also trust Him to lead you someplace. That’s why He came here. Frank Hart