Toys, Cars and Ultimate Meaning

In the Pixar movie “Cars” the cars are alive. They talk, they have personalities, they exist for their own purposes. But, the problem is that there are clues everywhere that they were created for another objective. They have seats, rear-view mirrors, there are RVs with luggage racks, handles on the doors, and other signs that they were made by humans – For humans. But, there are no humans in the story.

Just one joke about the mysterious purpose for door handles and it would have been a completely different movie.

It’s like how people walk around with clues of God everywhere, but we ignore that we were created in His image – For His purpose.

Compare that to another Pixar universe. The world of  “Toy Story.” The whole point of those stories is that the toys will never be complete until they give up the delusion that they were created for themselves and, instead, they actually have a higher purpose. They are toys, and they were created by humans to be played with – to be owned by a child.

So, here’s my big idea for the day: We are created in the image of God, and unless we embrace that, we are as self-deceived as Buzz Lightyear in “Toy Story 1.” We are as clueless to our actual purpose in life as Mater the tow-truck.

We must have Jesus written on our foot.