REVIEW: The Living Creatures Project

FrankHart_LC_CoverReview of The Living Creatures Project:
By Ella Granger Hearrean

Frank Hart turns listeners into believers with his album, The Living Creatures Project. Hart, the lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist of the rock band Atomic Opera, penned this long-awaited release as the worship leader at CrossPoint Community Church in Katy, Texas. He delivers the same soulful flavor here as he does in a smoky pub on a Saturday night and in church on Sunday morning. He is a master of uniting his music, his faith, and his worlds into one faithful experience that rocks to the core.

The album is somewhat bookended by the soothing rock-a-bye “Jesus Give Us Love” and the disarming keyboard chords in “In Jesus’ Name Believe,” but the tracks between them pack a punch. In the permeating rock song “Christ Before Me,” Hart layers his low, haunting voice over a long, mystic guitar ride. “Three Days of Darkness” dares to journey from the depths of doubt to the heights of assurance: It begins in eerie stillness and slowly swells before it bursts wide open to the triumphant claps and chants of the Salvation Army Harbor Light Choir.

The real star of the album is Hart’s longest track, “Almighty God.” Its heavy, bold, relentless beat defines the crossroads of rock and blues, hope and agony. It is universally intimate, delicately powerful, and humbly majestic. Anyone who has tasted God’s sweet relief from despair will recognize it in “Almighty God.”

By the time the album recedes into its final track, “Blessed to be a Blessing,” listeners will surely recognize the blessing of Frank Hart and The Living Creatures Project.

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