Worship Out Loud!


HONEST (slightly exaggerated) QUESTIONS:

  • Are you tired of worship music being so girlie? So gentle?
  • Have you ever wished for great music with theological depth and interesting lyrics?
  • Wouldn’t you like to find a new album that sounds better the louder you crank it up? Sometimes music shouldn’t just stay in the background.
  • The Living Creatures Project is not another “paint by numbers” strummy acoustic and jing-jangely echo electric guitar production clone.
  • This is not another whiny, worshippy collection of (un)original songs by a worshipster with daddy issues wearing skinny jeans.
  • There’s nothing wrong with the worship music equivalent of a nice candlelit bubble bath – sometimes it can be very nice – romantic and relaxing even. Here’s the thing, following Jesus is not always sleepy, gentile, nap time. Some moments call for some aggression, some volume; sometimes I need some heavy inspiration.
  • I made a album of 12 worship songs with these thoughts in mind.

Join us in our revolution to worship out loud.  

We want to make sure the world hears us. This is a sample track from the Living Creatures Project:

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