Farewell CrossPoint

Friends and Family,

I’m writing to share with all of you what some of you have already learned. On Tuesday, January 13th I was laid off from CrossPoint Community Church due to a budget shortfall.

CrossPoint has been the church home for my family and me for eleven years. We will forever treasure the friendship, love and support the people have given us. I will cherish the ministry and worship we did together as long as I live. CrossPoint is a unique culture; it is “not churchy” and places a priority on reaching out to people who might not hear the message of Jesus otherwise. I like to think I contributed to this in some small way.

Please pray for my family and me. And for those who may be angered or saddened by this information please be faithful in loving each other through this difficult time. You are my family. I love you. I am thankful for the time I had at CrossPoint. I do not wish to burn any bridges or lose any friendships over my leaving.