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Frank is the frontman for Atomic Opera, a solo artist, pastor & worship leader for NewChurch (a local church in Katy, Texas), public speaker and record producer. His first book, “Joyride: A Beginning in Every End” is available now. He is also a happy husband and father.

This website is a place for sharing Frank ideas, promoting Frank projects and staying in contact with Frank. Look around, stay a while.


Frank Preaching 2020 Window
  • Who do they say that I am?

    Dug Pinnick – King’s X

    “I remember vividly seeing Frank sitting at the first table to my left at the Hanger in Springfield Missouri, the local bar where King’s X were playing (as Sneak Preview.) We were doing our last show before we moved to Houston Texas. He looked so serious that I thought that he didn’t like us. LOL!! Fast forward a few years, Frank had moved to Houston along with several other musicians I knew from Springfield. We had a small music community that was growing with King’s X and Sam Taylor there.  We all hung out a lot, worked together on projects, and went to the same church. Frank’s band Atomic Opera!? I don’t think I ever missed a show when they played if I was in town. Loved that band! Joyride is still one of my favorite songs. And oh so many many memories. Seems like yesterday.”

    Matt Popovits – Pastor OSNY 

    Frank Hart is a singer, songwriter, producer, artist, theologian, and multi-faceted musician.
    He’s also a wonderful friend and partner in ministry.

    I had the blessing of serving alongside a man whom I believe is an unmatched gift to God’s Kingdom. As the Director of Music and Liturgy, Frank’s job was massive: develop worship leaders, create an environment of theologically faithful yet culturally connected worship, and on Sundays lead a large congregation in worship through music, teaching and sarcastic wit. Like I said, a huge task. Yet he did it wonderfully.

    It helps that he’s upheld by a great wife, Kim–his high school sweetheart–and two children, who are as creative and Jesus focused as their daddy.

    Over the years Frank has toured the world as frontman for Atomic Opera and has released numerous solo and children’s albums. (He’s also an accomplished producer, by the way.) But by far his greatest work is in the local church.  I can’t imagine leading community of faith without his insight, humor, and skill at my side. I count his friendship and partnership as a prized possession.

    Frank and I worked side by side for seven years; laboring together to lead a community of faith that, for us, was unlike any other. It was an incredible season in my life. But the best part was not the work. The best part was, and is, the friendship. To have Frank as a part of your life is to be changed. He magically infuses story, laughter, deep meaning, relentless truth and good beer into every encounter. There is no one like him.

    One of the reasons I love his book is because it finally gives the world a glimpse of a man that they need to know, but who I, despite my best efforts and deep love, so often fail to aptly describe. More importantly, in these pages, you also happen to discover the grace, the goodness, and the humor of God. That’s how life is with Frank Hart. His one-of-a-kind presence looms large, but in the end it’s always Jesus who shines the brightest.

    Jonathan Marshall – Atomic Opera

    I was probably introduced to him at church sometime around the age of 15, but I actually met Frank watching him onstage in Love In Grey. My dad loved the band, and, being an awesome father, he would take his underage son along to the shows much to the chagrin of the nightclub staff. Those performances held me spellbound. I was in musical ecstasy, but I was also in despair because it revealed the total inadequacy of my fledgling songwriting.

    So Frank crushed my creative self-image at an early age. I do not hold this against him for two reasons: 1) He did not mean to do this. 2) He taught me how to actually write songs. It took many years, and it was sometimes painful. I might have even not admitted it when I was in my early twenties, but there is no denying it. For good or ill, I am the musician, songwriter, performer I am today because of Frank Hart.

    We initially related to one another as master and apprentice. I expected him to teach me how to become the embodiment of the dark, moody modern heavy rock ideal. Instead, he liked board games, funny movies, whimsical absurd statements and laughing frequently. Thank God he disappointed me, and our relationship shifted over the years from mentor/protégé to friends.

    So now we’ve been lifelong friends. Frank can particularly appreciate this statement because it is not literally true. He calls me Mr. Literal, and there is good reason for this, but there you go, Frank, in this instance, I exaggerated. I do think it’s true though. We have been friends for 25 years, through some amazing times. We rehearsed 5 nights a week, recorded albums, made videos, toured playing countless live shows. There were also dark times where Frank didn’t like me very much, and I cannot blame him.

    These times are in the past though, and what we are left with is an amazing friendship, refined in fire. We play music together with joy, we talk about our children, our jobs, drink beer. That said, sometimes I still catch myself feeling like that 15 year old kid, and it shocks me to realize that Frank sees me as his friend and equal.

    One thing I know, Jesus Christ is the only reason we are where we are in relation to the world and one another so praise be to Him that I can call Frank Hart friend.

    Allison Smythe – Writer/Artist

    When Jesus began his ministry he walked the streets of Bethany, handpicking the individual men who would become his disciples, the friends with whom he would walk through triumph and heartbreak, through the lonely, agonized nights and joyous days his life was called to bear. From among all the faces in the crowds, He made precise choices of who would be his followers. Nathanael presumed he’d discovered Jesus after Philip encouraged him to “come and see” but Jesus said hey, I’d already seen you and known you before Philip had a clue. You didn’t find me, I found you.

    Frank and I have seen each other through many beginnings and endings, mourned many things, celebrated others. I have been inspired, supported, challenged and changed through our relationship. Though I might once have thought we chose our friendship many years ago, I have come to believe it was a prearranged gift. Jesus referred to his disciples as “those you have given me.” Frank was given to me. I am a better person for it.

    Johnny Simmons – Atomic Opera

    “Frank is the kind of guy who will notice that Scripture doesn’t explicitly forbid eating people. As best man at my wedding, he toasted us with the lyrics to “Slow Ride.” That in addition to his extraordinary talent, love for the Triune God, and selfless friendship are why I love him as much as you will after finishing this book.”

    Ben Huggins – Galactic Cowboys

    “I can’t recall first meeting Frank. It’s almost as if I always knew him. Although, I only knew him in part those early years. He was much like a dark literary character that brooded and wrote much poetry about pain and rain. It wasn’t until I was invited to a birthday celebration that I was privy to the inner Frank that lay hidden in the recesses of his dyed black clothing. Not having been to one of these gatherings before, combined with my financial state as a starving artist, I arrived sans gift or card. To my surprise and slight embarrassment, cards and gifts did abound that day. So I took it upon myself to look for whatever could be Macgyvered into a proper gift. As it turns out, there is virtually nothing available at an Indian restaurant to cobble together a proper gift. So I stole away to the bathroom, unrolled a length of toilet paper, and created a handwritten birthday card. Realizing I was taking a risk, not knowing for sure what kind of response my personalized gift would engender, I sat slightly out of Frank’s direct line of sight as he read the makeshift card. To my delight, the hidden Frank was revealed. His uncontrolled grin and genuine laughter was the beginning of a long and strange friendship. Since that day I have been able to count on Frank for everything from beautiful brooding poetry to spontaneous sophomoric jokes, and everything in between. He has inspired me with his energy and ability to persevere in the face of adversity. As a friend and admirer, I can’t wait to see what he does next. I’m sure whatever it is, it will make me smile and think.”

    Jeff Hart – Brother

    “Servant, Husband, Daddy, Grandfather, Son, Uncle, Commander, and Grand Master—I answer to all of these titles but left out one. This title I hold very dear as it has nourished my soul, strengthened my character, and for years given me a place to land. This title is Frank’s little brother. Frank led me to Christ as a boy and continues to fortify my walk to this day. His perspective is always truthful and given in love.
    I have lived in his shadow my entire life. It’s a place I retreat to when I’m out of answers. No appointment needed. I remember once having called him while driving away from a meth lab bust to sooth my spiritual doubts. After the call as I continued to drive home I recalled him doing this when I was a boy. He soothed my fears by explaining God’s heart to me. It wasn’t verbose, it was precise and exactly what I needed to hear. Memories of conversations began to pour into my mind as I continued home. It was then that I realized my comfort in his shadow.
    There have been few to pound this Earth that I look up to. My big brother Frank is one of them. He’s the one in the room you cannot take your eyes off of and listen to when he speaks. He ministered to me in a way I could hear from no other person.”